Barn cafe

The Barn in English means the storage of grains, which is why it was used in the Barn’s design of wooden Germans such as wooden barrels, and from sui due to the use of one of the world’s finest coffee in the world by Barn’s shop in Berlin, Germany it is professional, and it has been transferred to Iran. The leaders of Barn’s group are the alumni of the S.A., the ritual, and the cooking. Which was given to the help of one of the most called groups of the restaurant cafe, the result of their science and experience under the Barn’s name are appeared in Summer 2005 in the process of drinking amd food, as well as selling some of the relevant accessories and other goods.

Barn cafe

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روبن استودیو حاصل درکنار هم قرار گرفتن تخصص، تجربه و البته خلاقیت می­ باشد، و اعتقاد داریم که با توجه به ارزش­هایی نظیر: مسئولیت پذیری و پاسخگویی، ارزش آفرینی برای مشتری می­ توانیم تجربه ای خوشایند برای مشتریان خود به یادگار بگزاریم.


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